Hi, my name is Ivan.

I’m a Senior Product Designer with thirteen years of experience, ranging from the design of small interfaces, to designing complex and large products.

In the process of helping companies to bring a product from the idea to the final design stage, I make heavy use of sketches and wireframes. I’m also very experienced in analytics, A/B testing, customer development, product launching, and app support for a variety of sizes.

For more detail about my experience and achievements, check out my resume.

You can drop me a line at mail@beliv.net or send me a message via Telegram.


Ventra Go!

2020 — 2023  ·  Role: Sr. Product Designer.
Available at AppStore & Google Play.



2020  ·  UX & UI Design



2019  ·  Role: Sr. Product Designer.
Available at AppStore & Google Play.



2019  ·  UX & UI Design


Meet & Eat

2019  ·  UI Design


Flight Radar

2019  ·  Concept


2018  ·  UI Design


2017  ·  Role: Sr. Product Designer.
Available at AppStore & Google Play.



2017  ·  UX & UI Design  ·  Art.direction: Veronika Levitskaya



2017  ·  Role: Product Designer


2011  ·  UX & UI Design

About Me

I was born in Izhevsk, the capital of Udmurtia Republic, a part of Russia. I lived in Munich for two years, ten years in Moscow, and since October 2022 in Brooklyn.

I love reading (a list of books I've read), cooking, and creating storytelling videos (hello from Tiktok).

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